Stan Busk

Stan Busk

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with over 30 years experience specialized in Internet protocols and Client-Server application development. I like computers, robotics and programable electronic devices. I run my own company, Maxprog, LLC since 2002.

My company is also known as Maxprog® and is dedicated to macOS and MS Windows software development.

I mainly develop bulk email software and email marketing tools. I also developed a personal finance software and a FTP client for internal use.

Since its creation in 2002, Maxprog has built firm business relations with dozens of thousands of clients from over 185 countries with products localized in up to 14 different languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Swedish and Portuguese between others.

I studied electronic engineering in France and later assisted in intensive training in Objective C and Applescript programming at Apple Germany and Apple France in Paris. I also learned Pascal, C++, and Assembly. I am also used to HTML5, CCS3, MySQL, and PHP. Those are the languages I have learned in the past years, and I use them almost daily.

While working at the Spanish branch of a significant French hardware development and wholesaler company dedicated to Apple computer distribution, I started to develop an email marketing package. It was, at the time, one of the first available solutions for macOS. I also worked for Apple Spain several times, translating programming documentation for the rest of the Spanish developer community.

I have provided my email marketing software worldwide for 20 years very successfully. Most US universities, government agencies, celebrities, and first-ranked Fortune 500 companies are among my customers. I later translated the software into 14 languages. I got several awards at US MacWorld and german MacWelt.

One significant achievement is the 30 years of developing iCash, a personal finance software. I released the first version in 1991 for Windows 3.1 and rewrote the software for macOS 9; then, I ported it again to Windows XP and macOS X. Today, this software is available for current macOS and Windows, both Intel and ARM in 14 languages.

I was born in France to an American-German and French family, and my grandfather was an electronic engineer. Very young, I was passionate about computers.

My first contact with programming was when I was 12. A math teacher was giving free programming classes at lunchtime, and I enrolled and later found out I was the youngest in the classroom. 

My priority is always providing software that works. That means creating new versions as soon as Apple or Microsoft releases new operating system versions. The active user base is vast, so I have to be ready to fix issues fast. People rely on my software to contact their customers.

In the past, it was just a matter of creating good software and making it available on the internet. Word of mouth would do the rest, and the website quality did not count. Today it is crucial to have an excellent and reactive website ranked adequately on Google, and it is also essential to shoot great videos and get them on top of Youtube searches.

In other words, nowadays, an independent programmer like me has to be like a swiss knife. You no longer spend your time only developing software and doing support. It is vital to spend time promoting your website thru videos and positioning important pages thru SEO.

I am not a public person by nature. It is a tremendous error I have tried to correct in the last two years, shooting and uploading as many videos as possible to Youtube, and I also try to be visible on social media.

I never created software to earn money in the first place, which is a side effect of it. I have always made software because I am a passionate programmer, and making money allows you to do what you love full-time.

I like to be contacted by the people that use my software. It is a privilege as a creator. I want to help, and I like to hear about new ideas. Clients' ideas have been the fuel of my company for decades.

I created my software company in Spain in 2002 and moved to Florida in 2021. It is a sole company, and I have been outsourcing everything I could not do myself. The secret is organizing your daily tasks and managing your time correctly.

My passion is software development. It became my profession and my way of living. In the last two decades I have been developing several products for macOS and MS Windows like MaxBulk Mailer, a bulk email software, iCash, a personal finance software, FTP Disk, a FTP client and all kind of related products like eMail Extractor, eMail Verifier, eMail Bounce Handler, Loan Calc and Web Dumper. All those applications are available for download here.

For web site development I use PHP and mySQL a lot. PHP allows you to execute code on a web server and mySQL to store information. I have created all kind of service pages for the Maxprog company web site, a PayPal IPN Handler and an advanced Mailing List Manager called MLM. MLM provides some very important features like remote list handling, subscription management and click-through tracking to ​MaxBulk Mailer.

Running a software company implies responding to thousands of support requests per email or thru online forums, writing documentation, manuals, tutorials and FAQs. All the system including the store front and all the services including the site itself has to be monitored permanently. Finally you have to do the paperwork, but this is another story. I do all that as well with the help of my wife and a great accounting advisor.

You can also read about me at the New York Weekly and the LA Progressive sites.

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